Does green nasal discharge and cough without fever mean infection on child?

Not necessarily. Nasal mucous is composed of water, protein and sugar which support bacterial growth. Experiments using small thimble like containers of mucous have been photographed over several hours and show the gradual coloring of the material by airborne germs. The more time passed, the deeper the color. All mucous exposed to open nasal surfaces are likely to color over time.

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Day 1-2- fever, chills, sore throat, cough, Day 3- current (7) very congested, constant dry cough (hard to stop), green/yellow nasal discharge?

Acute sinusitis. this is acute sinusitis,and since cough had not started to improve at day 3 and the Nasal discharge color change make it likely to be bacterial rather cold or allergies, Antibiotics may be needed. Read more...