My 9 old month baby boy has some red spots (looks like ring worm like) on his penis, balls and on top of his private area skin.?

Yeast perhaps? The diaper area, being generally warm and sometimes moist, is an area that can develop yeast infections of the skin, even in boys. Ringworm, caused by a different fungus, could also affect this area. Unfortunately, these aren't the only 2 things that could cause what you describe. You could try an anti-fungal cream and see if it helps. If he's really uncomfortable, i'd seek medical attention.
Red spots on penis. The most common cause of red spots on infants' penises and scrotum is some kind of yeast infection (much like a yeast diaper rash). One approach would be to try some over-the-counter yeast medicine (like monistat or Clotrimazole cream); if that does not lead to improvement over 3-4 days, then see a doctor.