What are the best treatments for late stage lung cancer based on pathology type?

Chemotherapy. Whatever the type of malignancy, late stage, i.e. Stage iv, suggests the tumor has gone beyond local control and cannot be treated effectively except with chemotherapy, commonly platinum-based. However, this does not preclude surgery or radiorx which may limit "tumor-burden" and relieve some symptoms. Chemotherapy is ideal for small-cell carcinoma.
Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy plus minus biological agent will be the treatment in advance stage lung cancer. The type of treatment will depend on the pathology (small cell vs non small cells (adeno, squamous, large cells etc), and other more sophisticated biomarkers/ genetic analysis profile- ie. Egfr mutation status, alk-1, etc. See your oncologist and discuss further regarding treatment option in detail.
Variable. If I had recurrent small cell carcinoma that had become refractory to chemotherapy, I would thank my caregivers and go to hospice; pain-management / comfort-measures only. If I had one of the "never-smoker" cancers likely to respond to the new agents, i'd try "iressa" or something similar. For non-small-cell, I would ask my would-be oncologist some hard questions and make an informed choice.