Cause of frequent urination? Negative for uti, diabetes, negative blood test, and negative ultrasound?

Need more info. This, without other symptoms and/or signs, is a nonspecific finding. It could be stress, or anxiety. It could simply be from drinking too much fluids, or coffee and/or soda. It could be nothing. It would be a good idea to wait a few days and try to relax, and if it persists, see your doctor for further work-up along the lines of possible urinary incontinence.
Frequent urination. Assuming you have no symptoms of burning on urination or pain, causes to consider include small bladder syndrome (some people's bladders are just smaller than others) or interstitial cystitis (but usually associated with significant discomfort). Certain vaginal infections (notably herpes, but also yeast or gardneralla) can cause frequency, but also usually associated with discomfort.

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Nausea, dizziness and frequent urination. No uti. Qualitative blood test negative on 4th day of missed period. Now 8 days late. Another test?

Time to see. Your doctor. Your nausea and dizziness may be due to an unrecognized cause. If you did the test correctly and it was negative, you are not likely to be pregnant. There is no harm in repeating the test, but if it is negative again it would be time to see your doctor.

Frequent urination in large large volumes but negative for urine culture, urine analysis, and blood test checking for diabetes.?

Be seen. You could have another type of diabetes, called diabetes insipidus. Your doctor can check you for it. It could also have overactive bladder or another condition.
Diabetes insipidus? The following site covers this topic very well; provides symptoms, causes, workup, treatment. See your doc for additional tests to see if this might be your problem.

I'm age 24. I have frequent urination. I tested urine today. Its normal. Tomorrow dr asked for blood test. I'm scared. Do I have diabetes?

Frequent urination. Is one symptom of diabetes, however blood tests are needed for confirmation. For now eat a balanced diet, do regular exercise, avoid anything that can increase urinary frequency like caffeine. Good luck.

Negative ultrasound UTI and diabetes and dehydrated but still frequent urination?

Need details. You need to undergo a detailed history and physical exam followed by possible lab work and imaging studies relevant to the findings. For this would suggest seeing a good general internist or family physician who will spend the time and interest necessary to work this out. Have you had a urinalysis? How long has this been going on. Need more info. See your doctor.
Urinary frequency. Could be an overactive bladder or interstitial cystitis. Urine will be more concentrated than normal if u r dehydrated, in which case water consumption should be increased. Try and avoid caffeine, shower rather than bathe in case soapy water is causing urethral metal irritation. Might be best to consult urologist or uro-gynecologist if symptom persists.

Graves Disease, blood test shows blood sugar level border high. Not o'weight, gluten free, dairy free. So thirsty, frequent urination, tired. T 2 diabetes?

Grave's Dis & sugar. 37 F Graves Disease, blood test shows blood sugar level border high. Not o'weight, gluten free, dairy free. So thirsty, frequent urination, tired. T 2 diabetes? ANS: Graves can interfere with glucose metabolism and lead to what looks like T2DM. So ask your Grave's Dr. S down there.

What are tests that could determine what is causing my frequent urination. I had a test and got a negative result for diabetes and a uti.?

Many. There are numerous tests. It can be range from blood to urine to ultrasound to mri. Instead of viewing only tests, it would be good to have a complete history and physical. There are many causes besides diabetes and a uti. There are other causes such as siadh, sepsis, pregnancy, and others.

I have frequent urination and always very hungry. Urine and blood test last month negative for diabetes. Finger pricker test showed A1C of 5.0 yesterd?

That's good news. You don't have diabetes. You are to be commended for your insight into your being a hypochondriac -- this is in some ways a good thing given that so many people neglect their health. Perhaps the best way that I know to manage this is to get back into heavy-duty physical fitness and take your focus on your body & its workings into a healthier, happier dimension. Best wishes.
Not diabetes. Your test results that diabetes is not the cause of your symptoms.