I got a blood test done and the results reflect the following: TSH. 328, HDL 32, triglycerides 215, alkaline 23, and blood sugar 107. What you think?

More information. Why were the tests done? Was specimen drawn after an overnight fast? If so the triglycerides are high and so is the blood sugar. Hdl is low. None of the findings are diagnostic of a disease, except, that blood sugar suggests a pre-diabetic state. It is best to discuss the results and treatment with the doctor who ordered the tests.
See your doctor. Labs can help identify hidden problems such as increased risk for heart disease, prediabetes, and thyroid problems, some of which you may have. Get your blood pressure checked, get weighed and have bmi measured. And speak to your doctor about diet and lifestyle changes to improve these labs. They could indicate metabolic syndrome. Also check out dr. Hyman of ifm.
Low TSH, not bad. Does not seem bad. The TSH is slightly low, so is hdl. The triglycerides are a little elevated. These results could be considered normal if the other lab values of the blood test are within normal limits, but to be sure, an endocrine work-up would be a good idea regarding tsh. More exercise and staying away from some fatty foods would help the LDL and triglcerides respectively.
Insulin resistance! Your HDL is very low (< 40) and your triglcyerides are high. These are the two lipid abnormalities that suggest Insulin resistance, as does your elevated glucose. Note your family hx! metabolic syndrome can be lurking around the cornerm which means pre-diabetes developing into type2-dm. Have your doctor get a fasting Insulin and a glucose. A glucose / Insulin ratio of <8 = Insulin resistance!