Taking primidone for tremors. Supposed to increase from 25mg to 50 mg tomorrow. It makes me dizzy will this go away or should I ask for new meds?

Slow titration. Primidone may be side effect prone, but with continuation of medication, these side effects can subside. Continuing on the same dose for a longer period prior to titrating upwards may be one strategy to lessen side effects and improve tolerability.
? preexising dizzine. If you do not already suffer from dizzy spells, and dizziness started only after starting primidone, then you should continue this at a lower dose for longer time i.E upto 2 weeks before deciding either to stop or increase the dose. Watch if lower dose is helpful or not. If dizziness persists and unequivocally related to Primidone then you can not tolerate this and different drug should be tried.