Why does my child have protein in his routine urine test?

Can be normal. It is not uncommon to have 1+ protein in urine especially first thing in the morning. If there is 2-3+ protein then more work up news to be done. White cells and skin debris can show up as protein as well...Usually a small amount is not problem. Your doc may want to check a few more urines to be sure it is not persistent.

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What does some protein on a routine urine test of a child mean?

Hope is orthostatic. Orthostatic proteinuria is most common cause of urinary protein in a child. Thus child spills protein when they are up & about, not when recumbent. It's benign. Can be checked by having child urinate 2 hours after bed, then checking first A.M. Urine. Active proteinuria round the clock might be indicative of kidney disease, such as glomerulonephritis, and should be checked by pediatric nephrologist. Read more...

Would myeloma-related proteins or an m spike show up in routine blood tests - or specialized tests only? What about protein in routine urine test?

Yes/no/maybe. A routine chemistry may show an elevation in the total protein or globulin levels plus or minus high calcium or kidney dysfunction but the ultimate diagnosis is made with an SPEP + IFE. Urine electrophoresis may also show the protein if it's small enough to filter through. That is not always the case, though. Read more...