I did a test to see if I am ADHD online. The test was positive. I suffer from anxiety and have alearning disability.

On-line tests = junk. Don't believe a test you took on line. You need to be evaluated by a licensed psychologist or physician for such a diagnosis. I also noticed that you are 48 years old. If you didn't have a history of ADHD as a child it is unlikely that you have one now. I hope that helps clear things up. :)
Unreliable. Online tests can steer an effected segment of the population for a proper evaluation, but that is their only value. Lack of effective sleep, health issues, nutritional deficits and social anxiety all produce symptoms which can overlap with focus disorders. I find the chance of any adult being affected who was not as a kid very unlikely. A proper evaluation can sort out the problem.
Mental Health. Thank you for letting us know. You did not ask a question on which to reply to you. But, in your situation you will not get any treatment advice on the internet for adhd. You must be seen, evaluated and diagnosed in person with a mental health expert.