Hurts when bending back. Physical therapist thinks it's a disc tear. Ct scan showed bone spur on facet joint. What could it be?

Hard to say. Determining the exact cause of pain is one of the most challenging issues in the field of spine surgery. It is a generalization, but facet pain is often reproduced by extension or rotation of the back, where disc pathology is usually worsened by flexion. Not every case follows this. Consider being seen.
It is really neither. The pain is coming from the arthritic facet joint. It is the arthritis that is causing both the spur and the pain. The spur is the result of the problem, not the cause of it. Any disc pathology would be causing leg pain, not back pain.

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Strained back 9 months ago right side. Restrained in january both sides. Ct scan show bone spur on right l5s1 facet joint. Pain in both si joints. Why?

SI joint problem. Even though you had back strain on the right sidea and bone spurs on the right side you may have bilateral problems with your si joint. It is worth evaluating and trying to get some relief. Typically start with non-operative measures. Pt, chiropractic, injections, core strengthening exercises. Read more...

Injured lower back 9 months ago. Ct scan showed a bone spur on my right l5s1 facet joint. Now 2 or 3 vertebra are sore to touch in my mid back. Why?

Back pain. Persistent pain and worsening back pain should prompt another MRI of the mid (thoracic) and low (lumbar) back pain. Also, a bone spur is usually a chronic condition unrelated to an acute injury. Read more...