Feeling weak, legs cannot stand long shaky feeling. Cold hands and feet, it feels shaky. Get dizzy, lightheaded. What is this?

Need an examination . It could be any number of things and the list is huge but some of the more common things that could cause this picture if it were to be occurring suddenly might be low blood pressure, low blood sugar, infection, or anxiety. If this just recently came on and is not getting better despite conservative efforts you should see a doctor.

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31 weeks pregnant and having dizzy spells, blurry vision, clammy and cold hands and feet, feeling weak and very bloated just right after eating.

Contact OB. Pregnancy complicates decision making for most symptoms as the implications can be more serious. If these are completely new symptoms your OB may want you to be be seen to evaluate for blood pressure, infection or other possible issues. Speak with them today for guidance on appropriate course of action. Read more...