A severe herniated disc 6/7 in neck. Waiting for results if a few tests before I see neuro again. Blurry vision, head and neck pain? Vision scares me?

Maybe Unrelated. Herniated discs in your neck don't cause vision problems. The c6-c7 disc could cause many other sx. Such as neck pain, arm pain, hyperreflexia. Neck problems can also cause hedaches in the back of the head known as occipital neuralgia. Your vision should absolutely be assessed by a board-certified opthalmologist. You should also probably see a neurologist for the most comprehensive workup.
Be checked. A large cervical disc herniation can cause severe neck pain, and pain or numbness in the arms; but a disc herniation can not really cause blurred vision. This is because the nerves that supply your eyes come directly from the brain and do not pass through the neck . And so, if you are having significant problems with your vision, you should be seen immediately it may be something else.