What is the classification for the medication methylphenidate?

Stimulant. Methylphenidate is classified as a stimulant, even though it does not produce "stimulantion" in child with or without adhd. Other stimulants are amphetamine and methamphetamine and modafanil, plus one (pemoline) that now is off the market. All are thought to act by increasing brain Dopamine activity, but the exact effects on the brain are more complex than that.
Stimulant. Stimulants are first line medications but must be closely monitored. They prolong the dopaminergic activity within the brain to control symptoms innate to add and adhd.
FDA classification . Mph is a a class ii controlled substance because of it's high potential for abuse. Mph "stimulates" the part of the brain that inhibits behavior by reducing the rapid re-uptake of Dopamine when the Dopamine transporter protein is " hyperactive." this allows the brain's own Dopamine to stay in the synapse, the space between neurons, longer, which improves sustained attention.