What can I put in my ear to get rid of wax: baby oil, hydrogen peroxide, or something else?

Debrox. Debrox is an otc solution that helps to soften and clear wax, and a bulb syringe can help to clear it. However, if you have any concerns, see your doctor, as they should be able to clear it for you.

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How do I get rid of black dermographism on my ear caused by cheap stainless steel earrings? Hydrogen peroxide didn't work

Tempus fugit. If it is a discoloration from superficial metal staining then the discoloration will fade as the skin sloughs and regenerates. If the staining is deeper and the metal got deposited in the sweat glands the discoloration may take a lot longer to resolve.

I hav a lot of wax in 1 ear, been putting oil in it but now have an echoey feel in my ear, like when you are on a plane, can't get rid of it?

Dis-impact wax. Need to get the wax out (& no "digging! "). Can either try ear wax dissolving product (ask pharmacist, available over the counter), or see your dr / urgent care / ENT to have it removed--should resolve symptoms.
Earwax. You might try applying hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes, then gently try to wash out with warm water in bulb, otherwise might need medical professional to manually remove wax and oil.