I have a itchy sore throat, red pin prick sports on the roof of my mouth near the back, headaches, yellow young and ulcers at back if toung what is it?

Cannot diagnose. There are several possibilities including coxsackie virus herpangina, and others. You must go and see a doctor and be examined, since answers on healthtap aren't intended for individual treatment, prescription or diagnosis. .

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Red itchy bumbs on different parts of body, flare up when in the shower, sore throat and yellow tongue. Herpes or HIV?

Rash, sore throat. Herpes is typically painful. Onset of HIV is more likely to have flu-like symptoms, but it does show up with all sorts of symptoms. Please see your doctor or health department for comprehensive STI testing and prevention, just as a general precaution. Your symptoms are probably due to something more common, could be strep. Please have strep test, too. Read more...

Sore throat, ++ redness/ulcers up back/roof mouth. Dr gave amox- vomiting &diarrhoea- started shortly after dr. 2 days post anti no change- thoughts?

Diagnosis. Clearly, without seeing you it is impossible to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. It sounds as if you have a viral infection, possibly due to a coxsackie virus causing herpangina, and the vomiting and diarrhea, either part of the viral infection or a reaction (several possible) to the antibiotic. Ask the doctor whether they tested for strep and the results. If negative, stop amoxicillin. Read more...