What are the signs of add/adhd?

Depends on age. The younger the child, the more hyperactivity and impulsivity will predominate. The older the person, the more distractibility, disorganization, communication problems, and underachievement will predominate. Also, the severity of these symptoms is important, not just their presence.
Varies. ADD without hyperactivity is often hardest to pick up because these kids/adults are usually well-behaved but way underachieving academically and socially. ADD/ADHD symptoms are: short attention span, daydreaming, impulsive behavior (interrupting, accident prone), disorganized (messy room/desk, losing things), mood lability, getting in trouble as a result and low self-esteem over time.
Depends on age, sex. The signs of adhd depend on age and gender, and may vary from person to person. To make a diagnosis, there must be a sufficient number of inattention symptoms (distractibilty, difficulty staying focused, poor organization, forgetfulness, carelessness, etc.) or hyperactivity-impulsivity symptoms (intrusiveness, impatience, difficulty sitting still, talkativeness, etc.) which interfere with life.
ADHD. Inattention, impulsivity & hyperactivity are the main symptom categories.
Hyperactivity 25% Limited attention span, easy fistractibility, poor ability to focus and complete tasks. Only about 25% are hyperactive. As children get older the hyperactivity tends to resolve.
Depends on age. Poor regulation of impulses, attention, motor activity are general findings, every individual is a little different.
A Simple Answer. This is a very simplified explanation. Check with your pediatrician for details. Children with add/adhd all have these characteristics to a greater degree than noraml. 1.Easily distracted or poor ability to focus 2.Very impulsive 3.Difficulty with organization 4.Very fidgity or always moving.