What are natural ways to treat anemia due to giving birth to a baby?

Iron rich foods. Anemia in pregnancy is common. Iron deficiency anemia, not enough iron for you and the growing fetus, is the most common cause. A prenatal vitamin can help supplement the nutrients needed. A diet high in iron rich foods (red meat, beans, clams, scallops, green veggies, artichokes, enriched cereals, liver..) help. Also foods rich in vitamin c (citrus fruits, juices) help iron absorbtion.
Iron rich food. You may lose some blood after giving birth. It may cause deficiency in iron. You need to continue your multivitamins/prenatal multivitamin. In addition you may want to take iron rich food- such as spinach, beets, liver etc. Open this link- it may be helpful: www.Ironrichfood.Org. You need to see your doctor and have a blood work to confirm. If your iron is low- need to take iron supplement too.