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Have soreness redness some swelling on underside & tip of nose due to infection/pimple inside r nostril near edge. Some puss now scab. What do I do?

Herpes? Impetigo? This could be a herpes outbreak (cold sore, fever blister). Or maybe impetigo, a superficial infection with strep or staph bacteria, either of which might need an antibiotic prescription. See a doctor ASAP for diagnosis and treatment, the sooner the better for accurate diagnosis, and for effective treatment if it's herpes.

I have a red bump in my nostril I've been stressing over it for a week now it's not a pimple it doesn't hurt and its kind of at the bridge of my nose.

See ENT. If this does not resolve with warm compresses in 2-3 weeks, you may want to see an ent.
Folliculitis. This may be an infected hair follicle, or even a staph infection. Go see an ENT or dermatologist for a thorough evaluation and to get the proper treatment. In the meantime try an over the counter Hydrocortisone and polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin).