What is the connection between cancer and endocrine system? (ovaries)

Some connection. There are some connections between ovaries and breast cancer as an example: ovaries produce estrogen that can sometimes be the driving mechanism for tumor survival and progression.
Unclear question. I am not sure what exactly is your question. Ovary is part of the endocrine system but what else do you want to know? Cancer does affect the endocrine glands if that is what you want to know. Please resubmit your question more clearly.

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Is prostate cancer considered an endocrine system disorder?

No. Prostate cancer does produce the protein "psa, " but this is not a functional hormone that we believe has any significant physiologic effect. Read more...

What are endocrine system cancers?

Thyroid and .. Of the endocrine organs, thyroid is the commonest site of cancers. Pituitary tumors while not cancers in the literal sense are still dangerous. Cancers of all endocrine organs are known to occur, e.G, adrenal, parathyroid, pancreatic islets etc. If you include testes and ovaries among the endocrine organs, these two, especially ovary is a common site of cancer. Read more...