I was told that I should get sealants on my child's teeth. Are they really necessary?

Avoid cavaties. Sealants are a good way to avoid cavities in toddlers & young kids. This is not an easy group to work on & fill cavities & major restoration requires they be put to sleep. If you would rather do it the old fashion way & accept the risk, u can skip it.
Preventative. Sealants are one of the top three preventative measures taken in pediatric dentistry. First is good home care. Second, is regular visits to the dentist to detect problems early. The third is sealants. Sealants close the deep grooves and pits in teeth that trap food and bacteria. Teeth are much easier for children to keep clean. I recommend sealants on all molars and premolars for every child.
Good Idea. Dental sealants help reduce the risk of developing cavities on the biting surfaces of teeth. They aren't absolutely necessary unless you want to give your child a better chance of not getting a cavity.
Peace of mind. Sealants protect the chewing surfaces of teeth from cavities. This is where most kids get cavities.