I suffer with chronic pain, and I take hydrocodone in order to function. I want to have a baby next year, so what should I do?

Pain & Pregnancy. Chronic pain requires long term management and should include non-pharmacologic treatment as part of the plan. A switch to these methods is a wise decision. Weaning off opioid medication should only be done under medical supervision and should also be your goal before conceiving. Opioids do affect the newborn and can impact breathing and/or involve withdrawal symptoms if not properly managed.
Hydrocodone. This is tricky - i would question why you were taking a short acting medication for your presumed chronic condition - this is not good. Also you need to talk to your gyn about your medications. This is because many can cross the placenta and affect the baby - which causes issues after birth.
Find the cause. While narcotics seem to be often used by pain specialists, it would be worthwhile to see a specialist who deals with the system/part of the body in which you note the pain. Find the cause and treat it specifically.