How is cytoscopy test done for urine incontinence & dribbling?

Cystoscopy. cystoscopy is performed in the office with a fiberoptic scope that goes into the urethra and the prostate and bladder can be inspected by running fluid through the scope. This can give information as to why you might be having leakage or dribbling. Any enlarged prostate is the most common cause.

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Cytoscopy test for urine incontinence & dribbling, should I be concerned?

Ask urologist... Please collect and record the feature, degree, and progress of the symptoms with their detailed sequence of events including childbirth, bring those to see dr. For review, history, physicals, and possible tests possibly including cystoscopy, and he/she will be able to tell what is happening to you and how he/she can help you. Best wish... Read more...