I had an ablation and was wondering can my uterus heal well enough to have another child?

Not recommended. Getting pregnant may be possible after an endometrial ablation, but there may not be enough healthy uterus to allow a fetus to develop normally. Pregnancy after ablation is not recommended.
Probably not. An ablation effectively removes the uterine lining. This prevents growth of the lining in response to hormones, therefore no cycles. However, an ablation could conceivably (no pun intended) leave enough tissue for implantation of a fertilized egg...But unlikely.
You're kidding,right. Ablation is a form of permanent sterilization. I hope you were fully informed of that before the procedure. It is meant to take the uterus off line. Conceptions that happen afterward shed because they have nowhere to implant. If they try, they shed quickly because there is no receptive tissue that can supply their needs. You need to have a talk with the doc.