I have continuous faintness, nausea and dizziness?

Meniere's disease. Do you feel like motion-sickness? It depends if your symptoms are associated with sudden head movements, it is possible you have benign vertigo or a kind of vestibular disorder in your inner ear. If your symptoms last for more than several days, you are advised to talk to your doctor for further evaluation. Some anti-nausea medications are quite effective to control your symptoms.

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What to do if there's constant faintness, nausea and dizziness?

Not normal. You need further evaluation, at the very least blood tests. Other imaging tests of blood flow to your brain might help. Low blood pressure or another heart condition could be a concern. Reactions to medicines or ingested foods might be the cause. . Read more...

Ate breakfast and then 45 minutes later, dizziness, faintness, nausea, shaking etc. Ambo came and took my blood sugar it was 3.9. Why low after food?

Low glucose. You were clearly had hypoglycemia (h) and are not diabetic on medications. The possible causes of h, in your case are, too much alcohol, severe illnesses of the liver, such as severe hepatitis, can cause hypoglycemia. Another cause is a rare tumor of the pancreas (insulinoma) may cause overproduction of insulin, resulting in hypoglycemia. See a physician for help with your problem. Good luck. Read more...