How many calories should a child eat daily?

Enough. The question shows how artificial life has become. If you provide a diet of "god-made" food and forget the "junk" his own brain/body mechanisms tell him when he has had enough. Junk food tends to make a person overeat and has a great deal to do with the current epidemic of obesity.
1000 cal at 1 y age. Babies need approximately 100 calories per kg of body weight, up to 1 year of age. After that, approximately 100 calories for each extra year, up to a maximum of 2000-2200 (women) and 2500-2800 (men), depending on size, life style and activity. These are very general rules, for more precise numbers, you can look at an online calorie calculator, such as the one at: www. Mayoclinic. Org.