Should I clean my ear with carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide?

Ear Wax. Products like Murine, Auro & Debrox contain Carbamide Peroxide. They are made to clean ears. Low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are sometimes used to loosen wax before it's removal. I personally wouldn't recommend that you start pouring chemicals into your ears. The higher the concentration the more chance there is for tissue damage. If you are having ear problems consider seeing an ENT Dr.

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Accidentally left Carbamide Peroxide in right ear for 20 min. Sharp pain in right ear this morning. Had an ear infection 2 weeks ago.

This. pain is more likely than not from irritation of your ear drum (that's where the nerve endings are!!!) from leaving the wax remover in a bit too long! Your infection should not have returned HOWEVER you need to have the ear checked in any case! Get it checked out as soon as practicable! Hope this is helpful Dr Z. Read more...

Used hydrogen peroxide to try to clean ear. Within seconds felt shooting pain from ear down to neck. What could cause this?

Ear pain with H2O2. What was the temp of the peroxide? If it was cold it can cause irritation and shooting pain.Alternatively there my be an infection in the ear with nerve irritation ,or even a perforation of the ear drum. The shooting pain from ear to neck occurs when the ear is irritated and manipulated. F/u w/ doc /urgent care may need antibiotics. Read more...