Has a child ever gotten stomach cancer or pancreatic cancer?

Yes-stomach /No-panc. There is a familial type of stomach cancer- which is called hereditary diffuse gastric cancer- due to ecadherin mutation. Median age is 38 and cancer can develop in teen age. Pancreatic cancer is not a disease in children. In pancreatic ca-the risk developing cancer for an individual with a family history of the disease ranges from 5-10%. However this does not happen in children.
No answer. "ever" is not practical to answer. Stomach and pancreatic cancers are not usual in children. These organs may be involved in cancers of the lymphoid tissues and lymphoid tissue cancers do occur in children.
Yes, but it is rare. While childhood cancer is quite rare, many types are described. If a child has persistent symptoms, they should always be taken to the doctor. But remember- cancers in children are rare.

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If stomach cancer has invaded the fibroadipose tissue under the pancreas, can it be cured? Presuming that the cancer hasn't spread to distant organs.

Potentially curable. Aggressive locally advance stomach (gastric) cancers that erode into nearby organs can potentially be cured with aggressive surgery and chemoradiation therapy. The staging workup with PET-CT scan must be performed along with high-definition scans of abdomen with CT or MRI. The procedure may end up being like a Whipple surgery. The surgical oncologist is the doctor that will make the decision. Read more...