If I had a weak immune system, could I get shingles from someone who has chickenpox?

No. You get shingles from a reactivation of prior chickenpox. This may occur if your immune system is weak, but not from an external exposure to cpx.

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im 30 yrs old and Had unprotected sex 4 months ago, 4 weeks ago developed shingles on my back. Weak immune system, HIV positive? No prior symptoms.

Too important. Your request is too important to pass on even though it's confusing. If you're asking about chances of having contracted HIV 4 mths ago, definitely have a test and counseling and always use protection. If you know you are HIV+, please be responsible and avoid spreading it to others. Shingles has been seen to emerge in newly HIV infected folk, so please do test, DX and treat whatever you have! Read more...