Could nuclear stress tests be false?

Yes... Yes...Nuclear stress tests can have false positive results. There are different types of nuclear stress tests. There is treadmill vs. Pharmacologic and there is spect vs. Pet. There are also many different tracers such as thallium or technetium for spect and ammonia or rubidium for pet. Each type of test has its own possible pitfalls. Artifacts are often the case of false positive.

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Please tell me, could nuclear stress tests be false?

YES... Nuclear stress tests can be false. The two main types of nuclear stress tests are cardiac pet and cardiac spect. Cardiac pet uses ct for attenuation correction which helps get rid of attenuation artifacts which can cause false results. Cardiac spect is often done without ct and therefore often has more artifacts. The radiotracer used (technetium vs. Thallium) also affects the image quality. Read more...