At what age can a child wear invisalign instead of regular braces?

12 - 13 years old. Invisalign teen is appropriate for patients who have shed all of their baby teeth & have second molars at least partially erupted-- this includes most teens. Invisalign teen is a product that only an orthodontist can provide. General dentists, however, can provide invisalign full, express or assist. Check w/ your dentist/orthodontist to see which alignment therapy is best for your child.
Dental health. Invisalign braces are best used by a mature child who is self motivated. Invisalign braces require active placement instead of passive like traditional braces. You cannot eat with them in place, so they must be removed and then your teeth brushed and flossed prior to replacing them. They are clear which means they are easily misplaced/lost.
Varies. I agree with dr. Graham. The invisalign product for younger patients is called "invislalign teen, " but that doesn't mean at 13 a child is responsible enough to wear the removable aligners. If your teenager is very responsible, then invisalign treatment may be a good option. Invisalign teen does have an added cost as well as indicators on the aligners so the dentist can access their compliance.
Pretty young but ... and many orthodontist will point you in that direction as its more profitable. That said, we do not recommend it at all and will only treat a teenager if the parents are adamant about it (in contrast we treat TONS of adults with it). kids lose the aligners (expensive), it costs you the parent more money and they do not have the sigma of braces that adults can potentially face.
Seek evaluation. The choice between clear aligner treatment versus traditional braces can only be determined through an individual examination with a licensed orthodontic specialist. Clear aligners might be applicable from teen years forward dependent upon specific criteria.
12 Y.O. our youngest. The age of starting invisalign teen instead of regular braces depends on the maturity of the patient, dental development and difficulty of malocclusion. If you have a mature child with all/most of their permanent teeth, then you can start then. This is usually around 13-15, but can be as early as 12! we have a couple of invisalign teen patients that are 12 years old.
After growth ceases. Doesn't clear aligner therapy sound like a wonderful idea? But if it was so good, wouldn't university trained orthodontic specialists have abandoned traditional braces for clear aligners years ago? The simple truth is that they are less than half as effective as traditional braces, and cost more than braces. If you want a compromised result for your child, choose aligners.
Invisalign Teen. Once all the baby teeth have fallen out, then you can consider invisalign teen which will leave room for erupting adult teeth. Average age is 12 and older.