After having a baby, how can a woman get rid of hemorrhoids obtained during pregnancy?

Surgery or time. Depending on the type and extent of your hemorrhoids (varicose veins of the anus), time alone may make them shrink. For some women, permanent enlarged internal hemorrhoids may prolapse out with bowel movements and require surgery. External hemorrhoids usually shrink, but will leave tags of skin in their wake, which can be bothersome, and make hygiene difficult. Surgery is indicated then.
Fiber! Start taking metamucil, or an equivalent fiber supplement 2-3 times per day. Your stools will be softer and do less harm during bms, which might reduce your hemorrhoids. This doesn't always work though, so if you're suffering, or you have bleeding, it's best to seek medical care.
Easy sometimes. Often they will disappear by themselves once the baby is gone and your body gets back to normal. High fiber diets plenty of fluids and a good diet should do the trick. Sometimes surgery is required but this is unusual.
Chinese Medicine. Another option is to consult with a chinese medicine/acupuncture physician. This avenue helps balance the body and stimulate self healing and can be done in conjunction with your regular care. Homeopathy can help a great deal as well.

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After having a baby, how can a woman get rid of hemorrhoids obtained during the pregnancy?

Yes, usually. Mild hemorrhoidal symptoms, including itching, mild pain, a small amount of bleeding usually resolve with end of pregnancy and topical hemorrhoid medications. Even prolapsed hemorrhoids will often resolve once the pregnancy is done. However, sometimes symptoms do persist and may require further medical attention. Using topical medicine and allowing a few months to pass is certainly appropriat. Read more...

How do you get rid of hemorrhoids due to pregnancy?

Depends. Mostly women have residual skin tags following hemorrhoid flares during pregnancy as a result of constipation and straining. The tags are benign and i don't recommend removing them. True hemorrhoid problems should be avoided by a good high fiber diet and drinking lots of fluids and preferably non alcoholic, non caffeinated fluids. Read more...
Time helps. Hemorrhoids get attention following the intense push often associated with vaginal childbirth. High fiber diet, maintaining regular bms and avoiding straining will help with time. Irritation can be improved with steroids, and other topical agents. Spasm and pain is helped with sitz baths. There are various ways to treat, and the last resort is surgery, but they're treated, usually never cured. Read more...