A friend of mine who is a male with CF wants to have a child. Is there any hope?

Infertility MD. Males with CF may be infertile and reproducing may require ivf techniques. Genetic counselling is recommended prior to having children to evaluate the risk of the baby having cf. Speak with a specialist in reproduction / infertility.
Yes! Cystic fibrosis is associated with male infertility, since men who carry the gene for CF may have blockage in the sperm collecting tubes. Azospermia, no sperm, is a common result. Sperm can be retrieved with a small needle and used for in vitro fertilization (ivf), using icsi. Diagnostic tests are available to reduce the risk of having a child affected with cf.
Assisted fertility. Almost all men with CF have absent vas deferens, this is part & parcel of the condition. He may well be a candidate for ivf by icsi (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). This would involve a fertility expert. However, it would be advisable for him & any partner to consult with a geneticist because this is an inherited condition.