Could gallstones raise LDL levels?

No. Gallstones are unrelated to LDL levels. High LDL-C is a major risk factor for atherosclerosis/arteriosclerosis and other associated co-morbidities. .
Not by itself . Increase will be seen ONLY if gallstone occluded the CBD ! HIDA scan will be able to differentiate !

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Please tell me can gallstones raise LDL levels?

Opposite. Gallbladder stones are common in the Western world, and 70% to 80% of gallstones are cholesterol stones.High serum cholesterol, high serum LDL, and low serum HDL levels may be expected to increase cholesterol excretion with bile and cause cholesterol gallstone disease. In one sstudy, serum HDL levels were not associated with cholesterol gallstone formation. Read more...