Is thalassemia curable?

Bone marow transplan. Just like what dr. Kwok said- the only thing that can cure thalassemia major is allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Otherwise, the rest of management of thalassemia major is mainly supportive care with blood transfusion, iron chelating agent, and other treatment to reduce the complication from iron overload. No major treatment needed for thalassemia minor or trait -discuss with your doctor.
No, but manageable. Thalassemia, is an inherited autosomal recessive genetic defect , produces abnormal hemoglobins, unfortunately no cure, but with availability of excellent medical care people are living longer.
Bone marrow trnsplnt. The cure for thalassemia major is through bone marrow transplantation, either from umbilical cord blood stem cells or from donor bone marrow stem cells. Thalassemia minor is a mild form of the disease, so a transplant would not be needed.