Could epilepsy be diagnosed without a brain spike?

See below. Epilepsy is clinically diagnosed by a detailed history ; physical examination, ; use of ancillary tests such as an electroencephalogram (eeg), neuroimaging scans such as MRI ; cts, among other tests. Eegs record brain electrical activity (including spikes) ; although it greatly can aid in the diagnosis- presentation of the seizures ; past history is key to diagnosis of epilepsy. Hope that helps!

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Please tell me, could epilepsy be diagnosed without a brain spike?

Clinical diagnosis. Epilepsy simply means more than one episode of seizure activity, and eeg's are notoriously inaccurate in many cases. Often, the diagnosis is based on history and the observations of family members or friends. If the eeg is diagnostic, so much the better, but this is certainly not always the case. Read more...