Could braces fix protruding teeth without extraction of premolars/molars?

Protruding teeth. This would be determined by the orthodontist. It would depend on your bite, on the position of all of the other teeth, the amount and condition of the bone, and whether there is enough room to move the teeth into alignment. Your orthodontist will use models and x-rays to do a space analysis.
Extraction or not. It depends. If the bone of the upper arch of teeth are too far forward then extraction might be necessary. In most cases extraction is not needed. If the upper lip looks correct then removing upper teeth is contraindicated. If the front teeth are visible before you walk around the corner then it might be indicated. The orthodontist should be using the cephlometric xray analysis to decide.
70% 70% of all malocclusions are resolvable without extractions, which means that there are well founded reasons to order extractions for some patients. For non-growing adults functional jaw orthopedics is totally ineffective. See a fully qualified orthodontic specialist for an examination (usually free or low cost) and a discussion as to the best way to resolve your malocclusion.
Functional braces. Extractions of permanent teeth make orthodontic treatments easier for the orthodontist. However, evidence suggests that this procedure could lead to some serious problems down the road. Functional braces is a better way to align teeth and prevent future health complications. Re.C: see your orthodontist for evaluation and functional braces treatment.

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Can braces fix protruding teeth without extraction of premolars/molars? Help please?

Depends. It really depends on the severity of the protrusion. If the amount of retraction requires more than a few millimeters of space your orthodontist may consider extraction. Read more...
Sometimes. Depends on whether or not there is room to retract the protruding teeth or not. See a Specialist Orthodontist, Initial examination usually free. Orthodontist can then discuss seriousness of your malocclusion, treatment options, cost and payment options. So go find out what wonderful treatment can do for you. See an Orthodontist. Read more...