How can I know if my baby has food allergies?

Rash or irritability. Most food allergy presents with eczema - an allergic rash. Vomiting, diarrhea, poor weight gain, irritability or colic are other common presentations. Sometimes respiratory symptoms as asthma and ear infections may also be related to food allergy. Rarely blood in the stool may be caused by a food allergy.
Be observant. The word allergy comes from the 2 root words "allos'' meaning different and "ergos" meaning work or action. So taken together allergy literally means a different reaction. If a child eats an orange, for ex., and experiences symptoms of rash, itchiness, mouth or breathing problems then he's experiencing a different reaction than most children do. An allergy would be suspected. Be observant!

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How can I know if my baby has a food allergy from certain foods he eats?

Discuss with your MD. The diagnosis of a food allergy is made by taking a careful history and identifying problems that could be due to food allergies, and correlating exposure history to symptoms. Skin or blood testing for food allergies only confirms the clinical impression, but does not make the diagnosis. Many people with positive food allergy tests may be able to eat the food without problems. Read more...