What would cause an itchy, painful rash over collar bone?

Plant juice, maybe. There are several things that could cause such a rash, especially if the rash is only on one side, not both sides. Shingles is a possibility. I'd expect clusters of small blisters to develop in that case. A contact rash from a plant or chemical, either alone or combined with sun exposure could cause this. Even bacterial infections, like impetigo or fungal infections, like ringworm, are possible.

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My neck/collar bone is very itchy but no rash or scaly skin. I do not wear jewelry or change soaps. Nothing seems to help (lotion, cortisone cream)?

Have you worn any. new, especially unwashed, clothing? Have you switched from cotton clothing to wool? Any new foods, medications, change in your environment? It does sound like you are reacting to something. If you haven't already tried one of the non-sedating oral antihistamines, such as fexofenadine or loratidine, you may want to try one. If the symptoms still don't help, please discuss this with your doctor. Read more...

The skin around the base of my throat/collar bone it really itchy and nothing seems to help. Theres no rash or redness (other than from me scratching)?

Necklace Sensitivity. Very commonly the area of the neck is irritated by clothing or jewelry. In the case of costume jewelry, some individuals are allergic to a component of the metal such as nickel. If the chain, pendant or a suspended ring contains the metal it will cause itching and then a possible rash if ongoing exposure. Some types of fabric often do this as well with perspiration activating the reaction. Read more...