Why should I take the vitamin folate (folic acid)?

Unless. There is a stron history of familial colon cancer. Then supplementation with filicide acid has benny of benefit.
If you are pregnant. Then it can help prevent a specific class of spinal cord defects called "neural tube defects." if you are not pregnant, then eating a good and balanced diet will likely provide the Folic Acid you need.
Epigenomes. Epigenetics would be the key to silencing illness in the body which might be the future of medicine. Methylation is what makes us stay young and due to cooking we lose these methylation ability. There are 4 vitamins that enhances methylation and turn on epigenomes they are 1. Choline, 2.Betaine, 3. Folic acid, 4. B12 so Folic Acid plays a major role in helping us reverse aging and stay healthy.

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Is it ok to take folate instead of folic acid in a vitamin?

You say potato... Yes, perhaps you've heard the song. Folate (folic acid) and Folic acid are synonyms, meaning they are two words for the exact same thing. Folate (folic acid) is the term used by chemists by convention, Folic acid is a more non specific term but the chemical is identical. Either way, it's all good.

Called doctors office to get blood results for vitamins Women on phone said vitD is low an folate (folic acid) is high how much of a sup should I take for vitD?

How low was level? I recommend Vitamin D supplementation based on each patient's blood level. If it is very low, I prescribe a twice weekly, prescription strength form. For "sorta" low, I it prescribe weekly. A little low, I recommend an over-the-counter form of Vitamin D taken daily.

Is it ok to take l-arginine vitamins and folate (folic acid) to improve erections if I have hbp, controlled by meds and with stage 3 kidney disease?

Go ahead. They are unlikely to do you any good or any harm. Both are normal components found in most everything that you eat.
Arginine. Arginine is a nitrous oxide liberator and this may help; doses that have been shown to help are 3-4 grams; it is not harmful; coreg (carvedilol) and clonodine, though, may diminish erectile ability.
Here are some. .. L-Arginine is commonly included in many brands of supplements touted for enhancing erection, which usually have Yohimbine - the chief ingredient for helping erection through central nerve effect. In reality, l-arginine effect for erection is still not clearly defined. Note the cause for ED is always multiple and no single agent can boot but potentially help improve erection depending on existing..

While taking a prenatal vitamin is folate (in whole food vitamins) and folic acid (synthetic vitamins) the same? Or is one better than the other?

The same! Folate is another name for folic acid, and for prevention of birth defects, or for any other purpose, there is absolutely no difference in effectiveness between Folic Acid that has been made in the lab and Folic Acid from a natural product. You should definitely take a prenatal vitamin that contains one or the other, but the manufacturing process is up to you!

What kind of problems can result from high mcv? I have moderated my alcohol intake and begun taking a multi-vitamin to help with folate (folic acid) and b-12.

You're correct. Large (macrocytic) red blood cells usually result from a deficiency of vitamin B12 or Folic Acid (folate). If you are taking those and your macrocytes don't improve, you may not be able to absorb the vitamins from you GI tract. You may wish to see your doctor again or consult a hematologist if things don't improve.