How to reduce low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol levels?

See below. Diet, exercise and weight loss are often helpful. The optimal level of LDL depends on the presence of coronary artery disease or the existence of other risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, cigarette smoking, family history of premature coronary disease and obesity. Patients with these risk factors need drug therapy with statins or other medications to attain very low ldl.
LDL Not Cholesterol. Crestor+zetia, ↓ body fat, ↓ sugar, exercise most effective. See nusi. Org. Ldl & HDL are lipoproteins, i.e. Protein particles which carry all fats in the water outside cells. Ldl is always in nmol/l, best <700, HDL in µmol/l, best large-hdl >10. See NMR particle test, <$100. Cholesterol is a fat made by every body cell, not best test, ldl-c calculated, cheaper but not measured, often misleading.
Diet and statins. The first target should be to change your diet to one that reduces saturated fats. Look into the american heart association website. Consider a book like the 'mediterranean diet cookbook.' if diet measures don't help, talk to you physician about the use of statins.