Uterine leiomyoma make pregnancy harder?

Sometimes. Depending on where the tumor is located can cause problems with pregnancy. If it is inside inner lining of uterus (submucosal) then may have problem carrying the pregnany very long. Firbrids or leiomyomas can cause pain and irregular bleeding in pregnancy as well as nonpregnant.

Related Questions

I have 3 fibroids outside the uterus? Can I have pregnancy first before removing it?

Probably. If the fibroids are outside the uterus and not too large, you should be able to finish childbearing before they are addressed. Best wishes!

If the fibroids are located in front of the uterus, will it interfere pregnancy? If not what is the effects of thse fibroids with the baby?

Alter position/deliv. The location of fibroids can have several effects during pregnancy. The fetus can assume an altered position where a feature like the face or body parts will show transient distortions. (smushed appearance,) it can also prevent the baby from settling in a head or bottom down position & lead to a surgical delivery.

3 fibroids found in the anterior wall of the uterus? Will it grow fast? M 26 y/o.Will it interfere pregnancy? And to the fetus if your pregnant?

Cannot predict. There is no way to predict how fast, if at all, the fibroids will grow. Effects on pregnancy depends on how large they are and where in the wall they are located. Your gynecologist can help you monitor them and provide advice regarding any effects on pregnancy.
Growth unpredictable. The growth of fibroids is unpredictable, however, they do tend to grow due to the hormones of pregnancy. They can lead to preterm labor, miscarriage, breech position of baby, dysfunctional labor, and heavy bleeding after delvery. You will typically be followed by your OB and a high risk OB (perinatologist/maternal fetal medicine specialist) for the duration of your pregnancy.

Iam 29 year old. I have two fibroids in uterus 1cm and 1.9 cm. Am. I am trying for pregnancy since last two years. Am I still get the pregnancy?

Yes. These are very small fibroids and should not affect fertility. If you have not become pregnant after a year of trying regularly (sexual intercourse immediately following ovulation) you may want to consider an infertility work up.

What are the pregnancy risks following a myomectomy surgery due to fibroids on top of the uterus or outside the uterus?

If the myoma is. Out side of the uterus the risk is as same as women with normal uterus. If it is inside of the uterus the risk of becoming pregnant may decrease because implantation spaces decreases for the fertilized egg. I hope this helps.