How to get food with low calories and low LDL cholesterol?

These go together. The key to low LDL is maintaining normal body weight with calorie restriction and daily exercise. Fruits and vegetable are low in calories and will lower your ldl. If you have diabetes, keeping blood sugar in check will help greatly. Avoid animal fats, butter, whole milk and soft cheeses which are caloric. Use nonfat milk and yogurt, whole grains, legumes, nuts, & olive oil in small amts.
Read label . There are plenty of foods available that are low calorie and low in cholesterol. It is important to realize, however, that low fat (which usually means low cholesterol) is not always good for the lipid profile. Low fat foods often are high in sugar, and this can sometimes impact both the cholesterol and triglyceride levels adversely. Fruits and vegetables are often low in both.
Eat natural. Foods that are nutrient rich, low calorie & low fat are vegetables & fruit. When you become plant based, your cholesterol will improve because fruits/veggies do not have bad fats in them. Try to get 5-9 servings per day, eat lean protein (fish, poultry) and 2-3 servings only of whole grains. Dairy is also can cause LDL to increase so limit that as well.