What does a kub X-ray show?

Your abdominal. Area. Bones, bowel gas pattern. Stones if present. See radiologyinfo. Org.
Abdomen. KUB stands for kidney, ureter, and bladder. It is plain radiograph originally looking for calcifications or stones in kidneys, ureters, and bladder. It is also useful for detecting some bowel abnormalities such as bowel obstruction, free air in abdomen, enlargement of spleen, and regional skeletal abnormalities.

Related Questions

Does an ivp X-ray show kidney stones when they don't show up on a kub X-ray and can someone still have a stone if none is seen on a kub x-ray?

CT scan is better. Ct scan is now preferred test for kidney stones. Radio opaque stone can be seen on kub is the stone is big enough for x ray; ct can detect smaller ones. Ivp rarely being used.
Yes. Ivp xray can show stones not visible on kub x ray. Best is to perform an non contrast ct scan. Some stones like uric acid and pigment stones do not show up on a x ray.

Need doctor's help! Will kidney stones be missed on a kub x-ray?

Sometimes. There can be obscuration of kidney stones by a large amount of stool in the colon, calcifications in other structures like lymph nodes or arteries. Small kidney stones may thus be missed. Some stones are not very radiopaque and will not show up clearly on the kub. Such stones are better seen on ct.

Kub X-ray showed no stone I am still having severe pain at night on my left side could it still be a kidney stone?

Yes. Depending on size and composition stones might not be visible by x rays, see your doctor for persistent pain.
Possible. Not all kidney stones show up on x-ray. If the pain is only at night it is not likely to be a stone. You should see your doctor for a proper work-up.
Probably not. A kidney stone on the move will not spare you pain during day--it hurts day or night. Since you only experience pain at night, something else is causing your pain. Kub is a so so test for kidney stone, but your pain pattern does not fit. It is difficult to tell what you have based on the limited info provided. Please consult doc for re-evaluation and possible additional testing. Good luck.

My urologist said my prostate was slight enlarged after a sonogram. He ordered a PSA, semen culture, and KUB x-ray. Is this normal? What are they looking for?

See remark. What were your symptoms to have PSA? At your tender age no one expects prostate cancer. Did you have symptoms of frequency, burning, irritation to have the tests. To visit a urologist you must have had urinary complaints, warranting investigation I assume nothing positive was found! They were LOOKING FOR CAUSE FOR YOUR COMPLAINT....
Here are some. .. Did you have recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI), or just have some recent or long change in how you urinate? Ordering PSA, semen culture, & KUB is to see if your prostate has infection-related inlammation or if you may have urinary stone since all documented UTI in men should always be considered as complicated UTI. So, she/he wants to see what may be the underlying reasons for your symptoms.

I have been sick with ureter stone and it was detected by kub x-ray, ultrsound and CT scan. After a time kub xray couldn't detect it. How it could be?

Stone may have passe. A couple of possibilities are that the stone has passed and is no longer there. Another possibility is that the stone is just obscured and not able to be seen. This could be due to overlying bony structures or stool. Sometimes if the image is blurry, small stones can be very difficult to see even if they are still present.
CT more sensitive. Ct is much more sensitive for detecting ureteral stones than a kub xray. Also the stone may have moved from the ureter to the bladder, or may have passed from the body entirely. On a kub, stones can be obscured by bowel contents or by overlying bony structures if it has moved into the pelvis.