What are the chances of infertility for women at 42who have monthly ovarian cysts?

Higher chances at 42. Without knowing much about you as an individual other than your age & cysts, fertility decreases every year after 40 and it is very difficult to conceive at 45 or older with your own eggs for most women (always exceptions). 41-42 year olds may have a 15-25% chance of success with more high-tech fertility treatment like ivf. See a reproductive endocrinologist. Cysts may be a sign of low egg supply.
Depends. That really depends on your history, previous pregnancies, whether they are normal cysts or endometriosis. Certainly it is harder to become pregnant at age 42 than even age 40 so if you are interested it is very important to consult with a fertility specialist who can give you an individualized answer.

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What's the probability of infertility for women who have monthly ovarian cysts?

Depends on the cause. Many ovaries can harbour small cysts of unclincal significance. However, persistent cysts in the presence of irregular menses may indicate a hormonal imbalance. Check with your doctor if further testes are needed.
Expected. Monthly ovarian cysts are what we look for when evaluating women for infertility. Ovarian follicles (cysts) need to be present for ovulation to occur & we check for a dominant follicle as good presumptive evidence of fertility. On the flip side, absent follicles or to many (polycystic ovary - pco) are more problematic and usually require medical or surgical intervention. Take care.

I am 22 years old & looking to have kids couple yrs. I have 2 ovarian cysts, 1 on each side of my ovaries. Is there a high chance I will be infertile?

Cyst. No you should be able to conceive be positive.
NO. Each month you Ovulate and there is Follicular Cyst formed. If one does not get pregnant, it resolves, but some times it remains big and causes symptoms. They are not permanent. There is a condition call Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. You do not have that. SO do not worry.