Can anyone tell me what causes double vision 2 weeks after cataract surgery?

Double vision. Double vision after cataract surgery can be due to: imbalance of refraction (glasses rx) or eye muscles between eyes; uncovering of misalignment of eyes from youth/birth; if injection used before surgery, can rarely be from eye muscle damage. New eye glasses Rx helps in most cases depending on cause & severity. Majority resolve in >1mo. See
Depends. Is the double vision only in the operated eye? ( when other eye is closed?) as long as the iol was properly inserted , cause could be as simple as refractive error and corrected with glasses. Ask your operating surgeon at your next visit.
Several things. Occasionally if a retrobulbar block was the anesthesia used during the surgery you can have double vision, which usually but not always resolves. This is very uncommon, as is double vision related to a displaced lens implant.. More commonly it is a refractive issue, corrected with glasses, or it could be an underlying medical issue unrelated to the surgery. See your surgeon.