Can sickle cell anemia retard a child's growth? Can  steroids help?

Yes. Steroids-no. Growth failure and delayed puberty are common in children with scd. Most have detectable growth retardation that affects weight more than height by the age of two years. Tratment with Hydroxyurea early and close f/u is necessary.
Yes and No. Growth failure and delayed puberty are common. Poor weight gain is more noticeable than linear growth failure. Steroid will not be of help.

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If I adopt a child with sickle cell anemia, what should I expect?

Joy, stress, meaning. How wonderful! recent developments have allowed people with sickle cell to live longer, more full, and less painful lives.However, they still have to take daily medication and are frequently hospitalized. Each child is different, but consider that you will most likely have to miss days at work while your child is sick.Talk to a pediatric hematologist before adopting a child with sickle cell. Read more...
Talk to a specialist. They can be well a lot but can have a lot of pain issues, pulmonary problems, more infections than other kids, maybe need transfusions and can be overwhelming if you do not know what you are getting in to. Read more...