Can anyone tell me what causes an itchy left testicle before ejaculation?

Here are some... Personally I have never heard/read in my 47-yrs activity in urology, but I would still like to know more about what you complained, such as being new or lifelong, sporadic or constant, any related symptoms, using any agent for sex, etc. Besides, physical exam is essential. How to get all things done correctly? Follow instructions in articles listed in

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My question is what causes itchy left testicle before ejaculation?

My take is ... While specific info to address your concern is not available within my reach - study, experience, search, etc., I would like to try my best to share my take as follows: The itchiness at specific site under specific circumstance as described indicated it results from your nerve system controlling sensation for that area being irritated right at that time on the course of sexual excitement. It may.. Read more...