Doctors, what are the symptoms of stage 4 childhood t cell non-hodgkins lymphoma?

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Can doctors tell me what does non hodgkins lymphoma do to the body?

It is a cancer. Like any other cancer, non hodgkin lymphoma can do a lot of damage to your body or even be fatal. In that regard it is no different than any other cancer and it requires proper treatment. But it is more curable than many other types of cancer but less curable than hodgkin lymphoma. Read more...

My cousin has large cell non hodgkins lymphoma. She has an infiltration of her liver. How is this treated & side effects? She's in stage 3.

Multi-drug chemo. The standard treatment regimen is rchop chemotherapy given outpatient every 3 weeks for a total of 6 doses. Sometimes physicians will add an additional drug Methotrexate to protect the brain. Read more...