Is there a developmental delay in children with sickle cell disease?

Possible. In childhood, 25 percent of children with sickle cell anemia have silent ischemic lesions that may impair neurocognitive function.
It can occur. Sickle cell is a genetic variation in red cells. Many lead totally normal lives. Some may have infarcts of bone and brain. Repetitive infarcts of the brain may result in learning and motor problems. Good management can avoid these complications.

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Can hydrea (hydroxyurea) be used to help children with sickle cell disease?

Yes. In the treatment of sickle-cell disease, hydroxycarbamide increases the concentration of fetal hemoglobin. The precise mechanism of action is not yet clearbut it seems to activate of gammaglobin synthesis necessary for fetal hemoglobin. This stops the rapidly growing cells that turn into sickle cells.
Under supervision. Yes used in children also under medical supervision, help better capillary blood flow speak to the treating pediatrician.
Yes. More and more data that it helps prevent "crisis" episodes.

Could hydrea (hydroxyurea) possibly help children with sickle cell disease?

Yes. Hydre increases a type of hemoglobin called fetal hemoglobin in sicle cell patients and this prevents the sickle cells from breaking up easily. Hydrea (hydroxyurea) can reduce need for transfusions and patients may have less pain crises, chest sydrome and other complications.
Yes. Hydroxyurea, hydrea, (hydroxyurea) is well known in several large multi-institutional national studies to help children that have sickle cell disease. Particularly in children that have had prior sickle cell crises, Hydroxyurea appears to have benefits in reducing the frequency and severity of sickle cell crises.

Can men with sickle cell disease have children?

Yes. Yes, it's possible, though many men with sickle cell have problems with infertility.
Sickle cell. Sickle cell disease is common in african american population. Die to repeated sickle cell crisis they have less chance of having children, but they still can.

Can people with sickle cell disease have children?

YES. Be sure to let your obstetrician know you have sickle cell so you can be managed correctly.

Could men with sickle cell disease have children?

Yes. Men with sickle cell disease can have children (many do). The main infertility with issue for men with sickle cell disease is due to erectile dysfunction.

Can men with sickle cell disease have healthy children?

Yes. The children are likely to be healthy as long as the children's mother doesn't have sickle cell trait, some other abnormal hemoglobin trait or a thalassemia. An expectant couple with one partner with sickle cell anemia should see a genetic counselor and have the partner tested for hemoglobinopathies and thallasemias prior to conception.
Yes. Sickle cell disease must be inherited from both parents. So it depends on the mother of the child. If she has sickle cell - all of your children will have sickle cell. If she has sickle cell trait - there is a 50% chance your children will have sickle cell disease, and a 50% chance of your children having sickle cell trait. If she has no sickle cell - your children will have sickle cell trait.

Both carriers of the sickle-cell disease, would you take this risk or decide not to have children?

Personal choice. People decide on having kids for a variety of important considerations. The risk of sickle cell for 2 parents with trait is a firm 25% for any pregnancy, 50% for passing trait, 25% for normal. Ss disease is chronic, painful & frought with medical issues for a reduced life expectancy. That said, the choice remains personal. Donor sperm from a fertility center could avoid part of the worry.
Personal decision. The answer to that question is a totally personal one and no one can answer it but you and your partner. It can certainly be challenging dealing with the multiple problems that children with scd can have. I think though if you ask the majority of parents who have a child with scd if they regret having that child they will say no.