For what reasons could I have hypokalemia?

Diuretic, diarrhea. Above are two common causes of hypokalemia. Types and doses of diuretics typically used today do not lead to low potassium. However, meds are complicated. Some hypertensive meds (arb's, ace's) can lead to higher levels, some diuretics (spironolactone) also can. So follow doc's directions and have blood tested at least every 4 months. Diarrhea-can lose large amt k+, causes death in cholera.
Why low K. You are not eating enough or losing too much in urine stools or sweat or vomit. If low in blood and high in urine u have the answer. To lower loss on urine do the DASH. PA is all I do. Recommend DASH EATING PLAN. The exact ID for the book is: ISBN: 0-7434-1007-6 e-book is eISBN-13: 978-1-43914-059-8”. If you local bookstore does join our group of over 1, 000 at Hyperaldosteronism at yahoo groups.