Have had a deep ache in up right shoulder for 2 years+. Mri spine ok. Chest xray ok. If I had cancer or a tumor would it presented itself before now?

You're probably righ. Yes most tumors will be big and would have spread in your body over a period of 2 years. Unless your pain was progressively getting worse, cancer is not a likely cause of your pain.

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If I had cancer would I have more symptoms by now? I have deep ache in right shoulder up back. Chronic 2 yrs now. Releaved by bed rest. Chest xray ok

Pain in shoulder. Pain in shoulder for two years needs to be checked by your doctor or orthopedic surgeon. Needs examination and x-rays or cat scan/mri imaging to make a diagnosis and treat appropriately . You are right if you have cancer you will have more symptoms over two years time. Read more...

Have had a deep ache in upper back over two years same spot. Had spine MRI it was ok. Chest xray ok. If I had lung cancer would it have shown itself?

We cannot help you! We have done the best we can do for you via emails!. It is now time that you go seek help from a doctor who can examine you and test you till you are satisfied.Once one doctor gets tired, you can seek a second opinion. After that you have to begin trusting your doctors more than your own mind. Good luck! Read more...